Rorke Global Solutions Announces Paladin Embedded Servers

Rorke Global Solutions announced the Paladin embedded server family. The Rorke embedded servers are highly customizable. They combine hardware with specifically optimized software to support a variety of applications across multiple market segments. Paladin embedded servers are ideal for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) building embedded solutions for computing, networking or storage servers.

Each Paladin building block server contains a software stack specifically optimized for its related hardware. In addition to supporting computing, networking and storage servers, the building blocks are also configured to support purpose-built appliances, such as the Paladin digital signage media player.

The embedded servers can also be customized to support a wide variety of application requirements. These include information technology (IT) infrastructure, digital signage, security and machine-to-machine (M2M) products.

Paladin servers have already been configured to support multiple vertical market segments including retail, medical, communications, networking, cloud hosting and industrial.

Many of the server solutions will be Open Compute Project (OCP) compliant and available for evaluation in one of the OCP labs hosted by Rorke Global Solutions.

Rorke Global Solutions is a business unit of the Avnet Embedded division of Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas.

More info: Rorke Global Solutions