Energy Micro Introduces EFM32 Wonder Gecko Microcontroller

Energy Micro EFM32 Wonder Gecko Microcontroller

Energy Micro introduced the EFM32 Wonder Gecko microcontroller. The EFM32 Gecko MCU features the ARM Cortex-M4 processor, which provides a full DSP instruction set and a dedicated floating point unit (FPU). The EFM32 Wonder Gecko also utilizes the eLL (extreme low leakage) process for low-power operation in active and sleep modes. The Wonder Gecko microcontrollers is available now for $2.64 each in 100k units.

Energy Micro EFM32 Wonder Gecko Microcontroller Features

  • Faster processing of complex data
  • Shorter time in active mode
  • Ultra low power consumption even at high temperatures
  • Autonomous operation in all sleep modes
  • Sleep mode current stays low throughout from -40° to 85° celsius
  • Built-in Floating Point Unit and DSP instructions handle complex sensor data input faster

The Energy Micro Wonder Gecko family consists of 60 scalable memory and package configurations with up to 256 KB Flash and 32 KB RAM, and QFN64 to BGA120 options. All options include the autonomous Gecko peripherals and interface options like LESENSE, LETIMER, PRS, USB and TFT/LCD drivers for a complete system on chip solution.

Design tools for planning, coding and design verification are supported by Energy Micro’s free Simplicity Studio suite. To reduce the design time, Simplicity Studio includes the CMSIS-DSP library with over 60 functions in fixed-point and single precision floating-point (32-bit) implementation, and documentation for DSP algorithms such as complex FFT, FIR filters, matrix and vector operations and statistical analysis. All supporting hardware development tools come with a built-in J-Link debugger from SEGGER, so it is only necessary to plug it into your computer’s USB port to get started.

More info: Energy Micro EFM32 Wonder Gecko