Texas Instruments Pre-production Codec Supports H.265 Video Encoding Standard

Texas Instruments introduced a pre-production codec based on the H.265 video encoding standard. The codec is optimized for TI’s TMS320C6678 KeyStone-based multicore digital signal processor (DSP). The C6678 multicore DSP is an ideal platform for H.265 implementation via its eight 1.25 GHz DSP cores capable of delivering 320 GMACs and 160 GFLOPs of combined fixed- and floating-point performance.

TI’s software-based implementation of the H.265 standard helps engineers to add differentiation in the codec and other pre- and post-processing algorithms. In addition, TI’s design provides flexibility and scalability in developing real-time video infrastructure equipment such as multimedia gateways, IMS media servers, video conferencing servers and video broadcast equipment.

Designers can harness a pool of C6678 multicore DSPs to achieve flexibility in creating products that can scale across a number of dimensions such as video resolution, bit rates and quality. With a fully programmable approach, customers can amortize their platform investment across their entire product portfolio as well as keep up with the standard as it evolves and gains widespread acceptance.

The H.265 video encoding standard has been designed to take advantage of parallel processing. H.265 is ideal for relaying more high-definition video. It uses up to 50% less bandwidth, or two times compression, over the current H.264 standard while providing the same video quality. Because H.265 uses less bandwidth than existing standards, engineers can utilize the existing infrastructure to deliver more video, which will reduce network operating costs for video delivery.

More info: Texas Instruments TMS320C6678 Multicore DSP (pdf)