Datasound Laboratories Introduces SOM304 Development System

Datasound Laboratories announced the SOM304 development system. The ICOP System-on-Module features an X86 processor, DDR2 memory, BIOS, and an on-board flash disk pre-loaded with FreeDos. The Vortex86 system on module includes everything engineers need to get their proof-of concept design started.

The DSL SOM304 development system provides the designer with a fully functioning X86 system. The range of modules are ideal for industrial, embedded applications. The development tool features a rugged connector mounting system, passive cooling and extended temperature range (-40°C +85°C for SX and DX processors -20°C +70°C for the MX+).

The simplest working system requires only a single 5V power supply and a serial connection for the remote console. It’s easy to use. Just connect the development system to the required interfaces for your application, including DSL’s range of industrial IO modules. Engineers will have access to DSL’ technical support team, application notes, software libraries and utilities to quickly and thoroughly prove hardware and software configuration before committing to PCB layout.

More info: Datasound Laboratories SOM304 Development System