Texas Instruments Unveils RD-195 DC Arc Detection Reference Design Solution

Texas Instruments RD-195 DC arc detection reference solution

Texas Instruments introduced the RD-195 DC arc detection reference solution. Designers can program the evaluation board to optimize the balance between arc-detection accuracy and false detection prevention to meet their system needs. The RD-195 reference solution includes a software application tool that enables alteration of threshold detection parameters. The RD-195 arc detect reference evaluation kit is available now. It has a suggested retail price of $199.

The TI RD-195 reliably detects arcs and alerts the system. It reduces the chances of fires being caused by arcing. The reference design is fully programmable, providing maximum flexibility for system integration and false detection optimization. The tool makes it faster and easier for designers to address a growing need to safeguard high-power DC systems, such as automobile and aircraft battery management systems, industrial factory equipment, and photovoltaic units, against the catastrophic damage that can result from arc faults.

TI RD-195 DC Arc Detection Evaluation Board Features

  • Maximum DC string current = 15A
  • Simple LED arc detection flag
  • Industrial Temperature Range (-40°C to +85°C)
  • Small PCB footprint of less than 50 mm x 30 mm
  • Low power requirement
  • Multistring option
  • Self-test
  • 3000V isolation
  • Algorithm tuning

More info: TI AN-2154 RD-195 DC Arc Detection Evaluation Board (pdf)