Connect One Unveils Nano WiReach MAX-SMT 802.11n WiFi Module

Connect One Nano WiReach MAX-SMT 802.11n WiFi module

Connect One launched the Nano WiReach MAX-SMT module. The device supports the 802.11n WiFi standard and an industrial temperature range of -30°C to +85°C. Nano WiReach MAX-SMT features 3G routing, WiFi client and access-point capabilities. The Connect One Nano WiReach SMT is available now. It is priced at less than $29 in high volume.

Nano WiReach MAX-SMT features multiple hardware interfaces, extensive firmware, and a full suite of secure Internet protocols for up to eight WiFi users in router or access-point modes. With the module, designers gain immediate, full-featured connectivity without any WiFi driver development or porting.

The Connect One module can serve as an independent WiFi access point where WiFi infrastructure does not exist. With the module acting as a WiFi access point, users can connect to and manage their deployed, in-field device via standard WiFi devices, such as iPhones, iPads and other mobile phones and devices.

Nano WiReach MAX-SMT offers a highly advanced level of Internet security. The module includes the latest WiFi encryption algorithms (WPA/WPA2, in both PSK and enterprise modes), Internet SSL communication and encryption algorithms. In addition, it acts as an inherent firewall, protecting the embedded application from attacks originating from the Internet.

Nano WiReach MAX-SMT Module Features

  • Core CPU: 32-bit RISC ARM7TDMI, low-leakage, 0.13 micron, at 48MHz
  • Industrial Operating Temperature Range: -30° to 85°C (-22° to 185°F)
  • Commercial Operating Temperature Range: -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F)
  • Transmit: 170mA@11Mbps, 280mA@54Mbps, 275mA@72Mbps (typical)
  • Receive: 170mA@11/54Mbps, 255mA@72Mbps (typical)
  • Power Save mode: 7mA
  • Optional on-board antenna
  • Optional U.FL RF connector
  • 44 SMT pads
  • Serial, SPI, USB device
  • A/D input
  • Cellular Modem Interface: USB host
  • 10/100 BaseT LAN Interface: RMII (with external PHY)
  • RoHS-compliant, lead-free
  • Supports IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • UART: Up to 3Mbps
  • SPI: Up to 12Mbps
  • USB 1.1: Up to 6Mbps
  • Serial Data Format (AT+i mode): asynchronous character; binary; 8 data bits; no parity; 1 stop bit
  • Serial Data Format (SerialNET mode): asynchronous character; binary; 7 or 8 data bits; odd, even, or no parity; 1 stop bit
  • Flow Control: Hardware (-RTS, -CTS) and software flow control

More info: Connect One Nano WiReach MAX-SMT (pdf)