Ronetix Introduces SAMA5D3-CM System-On-Module

Ronetix SAMA5D3x-CM System-On-Module

Ronetix introduced the SAMA5D3-CM SODIMM-sized System-On-Module. The SOM is based on the newest Atmel’s ARM Cortex-A5 based SAMA5D3 series processor. The SAMA5D3-CM features 512MiB DDR2, 256MiB NAND Flash, 16MiB NOR Flash, 4MiB SPI Flash, 1-Wire EEPROM DS2431 and Gigabit Ethernet PHY. The Ronetix SAMA5D3-CM modules are available now.

The SAMA5D3-CM boards are available with a choice of Atmel SAMA5D31, SAMA5D33, SAMA5D34 or SAMA5D35 processors. All four boards share the same circuit design with minor configuration. The Ronetix CM modules measure only 67x40mm. They run Linux 3.6.9 and Android 4.0 BSPs.

Ronetix SAMA5D3x-CM CPU Module Features

  • AT91SAMA5D3x series MCU, 536 MHz ARM Cortex-A5 ARM v7-A Thumb2 processor @ 1.2V
  • 850DMIPS at under 200mW
  • 512 MiB DDR2 SDRAM, 32-bit
  • 256 MiB NAND Flash
  • 16 MiB NOR Flash (optional)
  • 4 MiB Atmel SPI Flash
  • 10/100/1000 MBit/s Ethernet
  • One-wire 1024-bits EEPROM and 64-bits ROM
  • SO-DIMM 200 JEDEC MO-274 module
  • Temperature range: 0° +70°C oder -40° to +85° C
  • RoHS compliant

More info: Ronetix SAMA5D3x-CM CPU Module with ATMEL AT91SAMA5D3x Series