StarChip Introduces SCF670H SIM Controller

StarChip SCF670H SIM controller

StarChip is sampling the SCF670H SIM controller. The SCF670H will speed the introduction of higher performance smart cards and multimedia services for 4G/LTE mobile phones. The StarChip SCF670H is available now in in DIL, card or wafer form. The device is ideal for the telecom market from native to high-end SWP through USIM Java Card and 4G/LTE applications.

The StarChip SCF670H is based on Cortus APS3s 32bit CPU. It enables 25Mips@25MHz across a broad spectrum of temperatures and offers advanced low power modes. The chip features 24KB static RAM, integrated 670KB unified flash memory that provides robust data retention (>25years) with several hundred millions cycles of endurance thanks to the E3 (ECUBE) mechanisms and is fully compatible with 4FF module packaging. The memory size of the SCF670H can be tailored to requirements by a simple configuration that can be done in the field.

StarChip SCF670H SIM Controller Features

  • CORTUS APS3s 32 bits core with Harvard RISC Architecture
  • Advanced low power modes
  • Internal clock oscillator (VFO) at 25MHz
  • 4kV ESD protection (human body model)
  • Class A, B, C supported with class indicator
  • GSM compliant
  • SST SuperFlash flash non-volatile memory
  • Unified flash memory
  • Up to 670K bytes of flash program memory
  • 24K bytes RAM memory
  • At least 500k Program/Erase cycles per sector
  • 25 years data retention
  • Full memory personalization time: down to 20 seconds [TBC]
  • Flash size and endurance capacity configurable by user software
  • M2M compliant
  • Compliant with GSM security requirements
  • Environmental protection system
  • Memory protected area defined by software
  • Dedicated secure personalization mode
  • Software authentication capability
  • Unique serial number per chip
  • Random number generator
  • 32-bit timer/counter

More info: StarChip SCF670H SIM Controller (pdf)