WinSystems Debuts PPM-PS397-POE-1 Power over Ethernet Powered Device DC/DC Supply

WinSystems PPM-PS397-POE-1 Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) DC/DC supply for a PC/104-Plus compatible computer board stack

WinSystems announced their PPM-PS397-POE-1 Power over Ethernet Powered Device (PoE-PD) DC/DC supply for a PC/104-Plus compatible computer board stack. The PS397 is available in two other standard configurations with custom engineered solutions also available for OEM applications. The PCM-PS397-POE-1 is a PC/104 module and the ISM-PS397-POE-1 is an Industry Standard Module (ISM) without the PC/104 and PC/104-Plus connectors populated for use with small embedded systems. The WinSystems PPM-PS397-POE-1 is priced at $199.

The WinSystems PPM-PS397-POE-1 is a small, low cost, 25W powered device (PD). DC power is extracted from the Ethernet cable that inputs an onboard, isolated DC/DC converter which generates three different DC output voltages: +5VDC, +12VDC, and -12VDC. The high-efficiency DC/DC converter operates over a wide input voltage range from 42 to 57 volts and provides a regulated low ripple and low noise output to the PC/104-Plus connector. The DC/DC converter also has built-in overload and short-circuit output protection. A minimum load is not necessary to bring the unit into regulation. Galvanic input to output isolation is 1500VAC.

The PPM-PS397-POE-1 accepts DC input from 16 – 60 volts through an auxiliary connector. The auxiliary input is dominant, meaning that when present, it will always power the PD regardless of the state of the PoE power.

The PPM-PS397-POE-1 measures 90mm x 96mm and will operate over a temperature range from -40° to +85°C. The unit does not require a fan and needs only convection cooling.

WinSystems PPM-PS397-POE-1 PoE-PD PC/104-Plus Power Supply Features

  • PC/104-Plus Powered Device (PD) power supply for Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications
  • PoE input voltage: 42-57 VDC
  • 802.3af compliant interface with support for Class 4 signature
  • Dual Polarity Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) supported
  • Auxiliary 16-60 VDC input supported
  • Four LEDs provide indication of the DC power input and output voltages
  • Isolated voltage outputs provide up to 25W combined power
  • +5 VDC @ up to 5.0A, +12 VDC @ up to 1.0A, and -12 VDC @ up to 800 mA
  • Over current protection (OCP) and over voltage protection (OVP) for all outputs
  • Line and load regulation ±100 mV for all outputs
  • High efficiency
  • Fast transient response
  • No minimum load required for regulation
  • PC/104-Plus
  • Industrial operating temperature range: -40°C to 85°C
  • No fan or heat sink required
  • Dimensions: 3.6 x 3.8 inches (90 x 96 mm)
  • Weight: 3.94 oz (112g)
  • RoHS compliant

More info: WinSystems PPM-PS397-POE-1 25W Power over Ethernet PD PC/104-Plus Power Supply (pdf)