Blue Chip Technology Unveils Alpha Touchscreen Computers

Blue Chip Technology Alpha Low Cost Small LCD Computers

Blue Chip Technology introduced their new Alpha line of integrated touchscreen computers. The new Alpha range offers screen sizes of 4.3″ (480×272), 5.7″ (640×480), 7.1″ (800×480) and 8″ (800×600). Larger screen sizes will be available in the near future. They feature integrated touch screens and a machined aluminum front panel. The Alpha touchscreen computers are ideal for embedded systems.

The new Alpha computers feature LAN, quad USB hosts, USB device, RS232 (with hardware handshaking), RS232 (Tx/Rx), RS422/485, stereo audio (input/output), twelve general purpose IO signals, real time clock and battery. Options include dual camera inputs, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, GPRS/GSM, GPS and accelerometer.

Blue Chip Technology’s new computers offer fast boot times, 24/7 operation, ultra low power consumption and a robust performance. The touchscreen computers are available with a range of processor cores, operating temperatures and OS choices. Supported operating systems include Embedded Windows, Windows CE, Linux and Android.

Alpha Touchscreen Computers Features

  • Low power operation
  • Integrated touch screen
  • TFT LCD resolution of 4.3″ (480×272), 5.7″ (640×480), 7.1″ (800×480) and 8″ (800×600)
  • Wide array of interfaces and connectivity
  • IP54 front panel
  • Machined aluminium front panel
  • External dimensions 150(w) x 107(h) x 42(d) mm
  • Operating systems: Windows CE, Linux or Android (Cortex A8 version only)
  • Mounting kits for dry wall, Panel, VESA available
  • Custom overlays with company logo, product name, etc available
  • Custom versions with customer’s electronics integrated available

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