GreenBase GK-5432 Dual-core ARM Cortex A15 System On Module Supports ULP-COM

GreenBase Technology launched the GK-5432 module. It is the industry’s first ARM Cortex-A15 based computer on module. The GK-5432 is based on the industry new ULP-COM standard for ARM and SoCs. The GK-5432 features the Texas Instruments’ OMAP5432 dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 processor. The module is backed by TI’s longevity program for embedded applications.

The GreenBase GK-5432 SOM makes it possible to build more intelligent devices with versatile multimedia support. It provides the path for high-performance upgrades in the future. The GK-5432 module is ideal for industrial or commercial applications like mobile systems, gaming and infotainment, industrial tablets, medical devices, fitness and wellness tools, management consoles, and other portable industrial applications.

The OMAP5432 processor of the ULP COM module GK-5432 offers dual-core ARM Cortex A15 performance. The processor includes Imagination Technologies’ POWERVR SGX544-MPx 3D engine for best-in-class graphics, along with dual Cortex-M4 cores for image and vision processing control. It supports up to 20MP cameras, as well as unique camera functionalities such as hardware-enabled, real -time face detection. A HD multimedia accelerator can perform video playback in full HD (1080p60fps or 1080p30fps 3D).

GreenBase GK-5432 System On Module Features

  • 82 x 80 form factor
  • Up to 4GB memory
  • Up to 8GB NAND
  • Up to 4GB RAM
  • Supports Windows RT
  • Ethernet WiFi Bluetooth

More info: GreenBase Technology