Acromag Unveils ACEX4405 Carrier Card for COM Express Modules

Acromag ACEX4405 carrier card for COM Express modules

Acromag introduced the ACEX4405 carrier card for COM Express modules. The ACEX4405 hosts Type 2 or Type 3 COM Express modules. It features a small footprint, dual ports for Gigabit Ethernet, RS232/422, USB, and mini PCIe slot. The Acromag ACEX4405 is ideal for quick prototype or proof-of-concept designs. The off-the-shelf carrier card can help engineers reduce the time to design a semi-custom COM Express computer. The ACEX4405 is priced at $695.

Acromag ACEX4405 full-featured carrier board

The Acromag ACEX4405 has an extra rigid PCB and extended temperature support. It includes locking and latching connectors that prevent shock or vibration from loosening cables. The ACEX4405 features dual SATA connectors, audio, and VGA video interfaces. The board also has a standard ATX power connector with LEDs for power and status indication. If additional cooling is required, the carrier provides an optional fan power interface. Scalable data storage is accommodated by a CompactFlash socket with ejector. LVDS ports are available for LCD panel display and LCD backlight control.

Acromag ACEX4405 Features

  • Supports Type 2 and Type 3 COM Express modules
  • Mini PCIe site for I/O expansion
  • Compact Flash site with ejector
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet (if supported by COM Express module)
  • Optional fan power interface
  • Standard ATX power connector
  • LVDS for LCD panel display
  • LCD backlight control
  • Power and status LEDs
  • ATX power connector
  • Locking connectors

More info: Acromag ACEX4405 COM Express Module Carrier Card (pdf)