WIN Enterprises Debuts WIN SoNIC Network Acceleration Board

WIN Enterprises ~ WIN SoNIC network acceleration board

WIN Enterprises introduced the WIN SoNIC network acceleration board. WIN SoNIC is an instantiation of the Intel platform for communications infrastructure, formerly codenamed “Crystal Forest.” The WIN MB-62030 board features a 2/4 core Intel 32nm Xeon BGA Processor (codename Gladden), next generation PCH (codename Cave Creek) with integrated Intel QuickAssist Technology, and dual 10GbE on a single half-length PCIe Card.

WIN SoNIC block diagram

WIN SoNIC is a standard half-length PCIe card that connects to network servers through a PCIe slot to enable significant performance improvements in broadband networking. WIN SoNIC can be added to existing platforms via PCIe x8 Gen2 interface. This provides easy network connection through the dual 10GbE QSFP+ optical ports. WIN MB-62030 board supports the performance of numerous operations and processes on network data without pulling processing power from the host platform.

The WIN SoNIC (System-on-NIC) uses software from Wind River and other Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance members to consolidate network workloads through integrated data preprocessing, deep packet inspection, crypto acceleration, and dual 10 GbE optical LAN capabilities which will be expandable to 100 GbE.

WIN SoNIC Network Acceleration Board Features

  • Supports 32nm Intel Xeon processor E3-1125 or Intel Core processor i3-2115 with 2 or 4 cores
  • Intel Communications 89xx Chipset from Intel (codename Cave Creek) with Intel QuickAssist technology
  • Intel 82599 Dual 10GbE optical LAN Controller (codename Niantic)
  • PCIe x8 Generation 2.0 I/F
  • Customization possible for OEM customers

More info: WIN MB-62030