ADLINK Technology Introduces PCI-8254, PCI-8258 Motion Control Boards

ADLINK Technology PCI-8254/8258 motion control boards

ADLINK Technology introduced their PCI-8254/8258 motion control boards. The PCI-8254/PCI-8258 supports hybrid analog and pulse commands to connect different servos, steppers, and other motion drives. The PCI-8254/PCI-8258 is available now. It supports Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) operating systems.

The ADLINK PCI-8254/8258 features hardware-based PID-FF closed-loop control with servo updates at up to 20 KHz. The motion controllers also includes hardware-based PID-FF control loop and second-order filters, time-deterministic trajectory and velocity planning, comprehensive application functions, and diagnostic and control utilities.

The PCI-8254/PCI-8258 can overcome the effects of generated noise and eliminate mechanical resonance for high-speed and precision-enhanced point-to-point applications in the semiconductor industry. The program download function can execute up to eight individual tasks simultaneously. The PCI-8254/8258 also provides multi-dimensional interpolation, as in 3D linear/circular/spiral interpolation. The boards are ideal for contouring applications in manufacturing industries, such as laser engraving/cutting and glue dispensing.

ADLINK PCI-8254/8258 Motion Controllers Features

  • Servo update rate up to 20 KHz through hardware-based PID-FF control loop and second-order filters
  • Hybrid analog and pulse command types
  • 3D Linear / Circular / Helical / Spiral interpolation
  • Master / Slave motion (synchronous motion)
  • Program download (up to 8 individual tasks)
  • Path blending and velocity planning
  • Frequency response analysis and filter setting
  • Auto-tuning

More info: ADLINK PCI-8254/PCI-8258 Motion Controllers (pdf)