TI C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2802x Microcontrollers Feature Integrated Control Peripherals

TI C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2802x Microcontroller application

The Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2802x microcontrollers integrate analog hardware on a single chip and replace multiple electronic components. The TI MCUs are ideal for household appliances, industrial textile machines and compressors. The Piccolo F2802x microcontrollers are priced at $1.50 each in 1000 volumes. They are available in a wide variety of configurations.

Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2802x Microcontrollers

The Piccolo F2802x microcontrollers integrate a 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), analog comparators, and high-resolution, enhanced pulse width modulators (ePWMs). The analog comparators help designers manage power stages and provide system protection in motor control and digital power systems. The internal comparators enable developers to implement seamless shutdown of select pulse-width modulation channels or trigger other events, without the cost of external complicated fault management circuits.

The enhanced pulse width modulators provide effective power conversion and motor control with just one device. Engineers can add cost-effective battery charging via solar or induction to their motor control applications, and active power factor correction (PFC) with sufficient performance to implement internal slope compensation with peak current mode control (PCMC) of a secondary DC-DC conversion stage.

Texas Instruments C2000 Piccolo TMS320F2802x Microcontrollers Features

  • High-Efficiency 32-Bit CPU (TMS320C28x)
  • 60-MHz, 50-MHz, and 40-MHz Devices
  • Single 3.3-V Supply
  • Integrated Power-on and Brown-out Resets
  • Two Internal Zero-pin Oscillators
  • Up to 22 Multiplexed GPIO Pins
  • Three 32-Bit CPU Timers
  • On-Chip Flash, SARAM, OTP Memory
  • Code-security Module
  • Serial Port Peripherals (SCI/SPI/I2C)
  • Enhanced Control Peripherals
  • Enhanced Pulse Width Modulator (ePWM)
  • High-Resolution PWM (HRPWM)
  • Enhanced Capture (eCAP)
  • Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • On-Chip Temperature Sensor
  • Comparator
  • 38-Pin and 48-Pin Packages

More info: Texas Instruments Piccolo Microcontrollers (pdf)