GE Intelligent Platforms Introduces bCOM6-L1400 COM Express Module

GE Intelligent Platforms bCOM6-L1400 COM Express module

GE Intelligent Platforms introduced the bCOM6-L1400 COM Express module. The bCOM6-L1400 features the Intel Core i7 processor, up to 8GBytes of DDR3 memory, Gigabit Ethernet, four SATA interfaces, RAID 0 and RAID 1 support, eight USB 2.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports. The GE bCOM6-L1400 COM Express module is ideal for a wide variety of commercial, industrial, transportation and defense applications in a broad range of embedded computing environments.

GE bCOM6-L1400 COM Express module block diagram

The GE bCOM6-L1400 takes advantage of the enhanced video processing, turbo-boost acceleration and power management capabilities of the
latest generation Intel Core i7 processor. It is offered with a choice of either a dual-core or quad-core processor. The board supports VGA, LVDS with dual channel support and SDVO/TMDS/DisplayPort over DDI.

The COM Express module can be deployed in the harshest environments that are subject to extremes of temperature, vibration, shock and contaminants. Its components are specifically selected for reliable operation in hostile environments, and the processor and memory are soldered to the board for the highest possible resistance to external forces. Extended mechanical construction protects the module, which is designed for optional conformal coating for even greater resistance to moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Sophisticated dynamic thermal management optimizes uptime and helps prevent damage to the system.

GE bCOM6-L1400 Features

  • Intel Core i7 processor, soldered [4 Core i7 35W (SV), 2 Core i7 25W (LV), 2 Core i7 17W (ULV)]
  • Intel Panther Point PCH chipset
  • Supports up to 8GB of DDR3 memory, soldered with ECC
  • Integrated graphics interface
  • VGA, SDVO channels over DDI, TMDS over DDI, display port over DDI, LVDS interface with dual channel support
  • Supports HDA
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 4x serial ATA interfaces, compliant with SATA 1.0 specification
  • SATA-II devices with speed up to 3 Gb/s
  • Two SATA-3 devices with speed up to 6Gb/s
  • Supports RAID 0 and RAID 1
  • 8x USB 2.0 ports
  • 4x USB 3.0 ports
  • PCIe Graphics (PEG) x16 or 2x 8 Gen 3
  • PCIe lanes 0-6: 7 lanes x1 or 1 x4 Gen 2
  • 8x GPIO ports or SD-Card interface

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