NORCO Debuts Automatic Fare Collection Systems

NORCO Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) family

NORCO announced the Automatic Fare Collection System (AFC) family. The AFC series include the AFC-6571, AFC-6572, AFC-6573, and AFC-6574 embedded systems. The industrial computers consist of a central computer, code/sorting machine, station computer, AFC field apparatus (in/out gate, bidirectional gate, ticket vendor, office ticketing machine and automatic ticket checker), tickets and communication network. They are ideal in gates or turnstiles, automatic and semi-automatic ticket vendors.

The NORCO AFC systems are based on the X86 platform. The APC systems offer flexible mounting and expansion, and support third party developers. They feature low power consumption, good heat dissipation, compact size and fanless design. Different interfaces are available for meeting a various requirements.

The NORCO AFC-6571 embedded industrial computer is powered by a 1.6G GHz Intel Atom N270 CPU. This ensures the stable operation and fluent data processing of the system even under the peak flow. The AFC-6571 features ten serial ports, VGA, LVDS/DVI dual display (optional), PCI expansion slot and mini-PCIE. In addition, the system can embed display, alarm and retention devices.

AFC System Features

  • Railway level standard with stable performance
  • Adapts to a variety of poor working environment such as wide temperature, dust, moisture, vibration
  • Rich interfaces, with strong integrate expansion capability
  • Supports displaying, printing, alarm and other external devices access
  • High processing capacity, supporting a variety of Intel high-performance CPU processors
  • Low power consumption, fanless, ICEFIN cooling technology

More info: NORCO