Cortus Introduces APS3R 32-bit Embedded Microcontroller IP Core

Cortus APS3R embedded microcontroller IP core

Cortus introduced the APS3R embedded microcontroller. The processor core features a 32-bit modern RISC architecture with sixteen 32-bit registers and a 5-7 stage pipeline. Cortus developed the APS3R for applications requiring good computational performance and very low power. The IP core is ideal for wireless communication, sensing, smart cards, SIM cards, touchscreen controllers and energy harvesting applications. A dual core configuration is possible for demanding embedded applications.

The Cortus APS3R CPU’s dynamic power is 11.6 µW/MHz with a standard 90 nm process and 16.8 µW/MHz for 130 nm (both UMC). The APS3R features 1.21 CoreMarks/MHz and 2.29 DMIPS/MHz computational performance. An optional parallel hardware multiplier can improve the core performance to 1.92 CoreMarks/MHz. Additional improvements are possible with a dual core APS3R configuration.

The APS3R core can be as small as 8700 gates, which is a size comparable to most 8-bit cores. APS3R is a native 32-bit core and is optimized for use with C or C++. This results in a software development process that is more straightforward than that for 8- or 16-bit cores. With considerably more computation per clock cycle than with an 8-bit core, far fewer cycles are needed and therefore considerably less power is required. Because it supports higher code density, code memory is also smaller than with 8- or 16-bit cores thus reducing the silicon footprint of a subsystem.

Cortus APS3R IP Core Features

  • 32-bit modern RISC architecture
  • Sixteen 32 bit general purpose registers
  • 5-7 stage pipeline
  • 1.21 CoreMarks/MHz and 2.29 DMIPS/MHz computational performance
  • All necessary tools are available
  • GNU GCC and all utilities ported
  • GNU GDB Debugger available
  • Debug via JTAG
  • All tools available free of charge
  • Excellent code density
  • 4 GByte address space
  • Optional unaligned data access: makes supporting legacy 8051 code easy
  • No bigger than an 8-bit microcontroller
  • Very power efficient
  • Most instructions are single cycle, including load and store
  • A wide range of standard peripherals available

More info: Cortus APS3R Embedded Microcontroller (pdf)