Texas Instruments Introduces MS320C6748 DSP Development Kit

Texas Instruments announced their MS320C6748 DSP development kit. The TI C6748 DSP kit is ideal for real-time analytics applications such as fingerprint recognition and face detection. The C6748 DSP development kit is also ideal for other digital signal processing applications, such as audio and communications. The TI C6748 DSP development kit is available for $195. The C6748 SYS/BIOS Software Development Kit (SDK) is pre-loaded with the C6748 StarterWare software package.

The TI TMS320C6748 DSP development kit is a scalable platform that breaks down development barriers for applications that require embedded analytics and real-time signal processing, including biometric analytics, communications and audio. The low-cost kit will also speed and ease hardware development of real-time DSP applications. The board reduces design work with freely downloadable and duplicable board schematics and design files. With a wide variety of standard interfaces for connectivity and storage, developers can easily bring audio, video and other signals onto the board. In addition, expansion headers enable developers to add display and user interface technology, such as the camera board from Leopard Imaging and LCD screens, extending functionality of the development kit.

TI TMS320C6748 DSP Development Kit Features

  • Integrated floating-/fixed-point DSP with up to 456 MHz performance
  • Software, expansion headers, schematics and application demos
  • SDKs, DSP/BIOS RTOS, drivers, stacks and protocol, algorithm libraries, flash and boot utilities
  • Includes demonstrations for biometric analytics applications, such as fingerprint recognition and face detection
  • Latest SYS/BIOS real-time kernel
  • C6748 StarterWare software package
  • Code Generation Tools
  • DSP core performance benchmarks that show the real-time processing power of TI’s C674x DSPs
  • Includes Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE) v5.1

More info: Texas Instruments TMS320C6748 DSP Development Kit (LCDK)