Kontron Introduces ApexVX Multi-mission Rugged Computer System

Kontron ApexVX multi-mission rugged computer system

Kontron introduced the ApexVX multi-mission rugged computer system. The embedded system is ideal for mission-critical applications in airborne systems, mobile military vehicles, precision-guided munitions, electronic warfare, UAVs and C4ISR. First samples of the new Kontron ApexVX multi-mission, rugged computer system are available now. The system can be ordered as a pre-qualified system compliant to relevant MIL and AERO standards such as MIL-STD810 E for shock, vibration, humidity, salt fog and MIL-STD461-E for EMC/RFI.

Kontron ApexVX embedded system

The Kontron ApexVX is pre-configured Linux distribution and can host most Linux-based applications without code change. The ApexVX embedded system integrates an OpenVPX backplane with four payload slots and one switch slot. It features a fully sealed ½ ATR style chassis (5 w x 6 h x 13 d) suitable for harsh environments with scalable thermal solutions.

A sample multi-purpose configuration integrates two conduction-cooled Kontron VX3030 SBCs: the Kontron Virtex5 FMC carrier VX3830 and the Kontron PCI Express and Ethernet hybrid switch VX3905. Common to all system configurations are Kontron’s intelligent add-ons required by OEMs to build optimized and highly reliable applications. Kontron VXFabric offers hardware assisted TCP/IP on PCIe for data flow applications to implement efficient inter-board communication at ultra-high speed. VXControl uses the onboard controllers interfaced through the standard System Management Bus (SMB) of the VPX backplane for sophisticated Out of Band Health Management.

Kontron ApexVX Features

  • Pre-qualified Solution based on COTS Building Blocks
  • Flexible Design for Easy Customization
  • 5-slot 3U VPX Computer System
  • Conduction-cooled Structure
  • PBIT System Test Innovative Learning Mode
  • Support for Kontron VXFabric and VXControl Smart Technology

More info: Kontron ApexVX