GE Intelligent Platforms Debuts SPR507B 4-Channel Serial FPDP Interface PMC/XMC Module

GE Intelligent Platforms SPR507B 4-Channel serial FPDP interface PMC/XMC module

GE Intelligent Platforms introduces the SPR507B, which is a 4-Channel serial FPDP interface PMC/XMC module. The GE SPR507B features a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA, up to 4.25 Gbaud per link, four ports (1.4 Gigabytes/second), and 1 GByte of high speed on-board storage (FIFO). The board is designed for high-speed remote data transfer at the industry’s fastest rates. It is ideal for applications where the input from multiple sensors, such as in radar or sonar, is to be gathered for back-end processing.

The GE SPR507B is a PMC module for legacy systems or as an XMC module for newer systems. The flexible architecture of the SPR507B enables each fibre link to be configured independently. As a result, it supports multiple baud rates simultaneously. In addition, each link can operate in either direction.

The SPR507B PMC/XMC module features 1 GByte of high speed on-board storage in a FIFO (individual per channel) configuration. The FIFO is programmable in depth, and enables an application to fine tune system latencies to achieve optimal performance.

With the SPR507B, the serial FPDP implementation can be updated at some point in the future. Thanks to the Virtex-6 FPGA, future updates to the sFPDP specification can be implemented as a firmware update, such as the VITA17.2 specification. This allows for key additional features such as channel bonding.

GE SPR507B Features

  • Available with either PMC or XMC interface to allow for wide range of host compatibility
  • Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA
  • Four sFPDP ports
  • Supports up to 4.25Gb/s per port
  • Each port can operate independently (direction and speed) with a unique DMA engine per port
  • Four lane PCI Express Gen2 interface allows for high-speed data transfer to Host memory
  • Available in five ruggedization levels with support for harsh environments and conduction cooling
  • Supports copy mode (duplicates data from one fibre to another while optionally transferring data to Host)
  • VITA 17.1 compliant
  • 1 GB onboard storage
  • VxWorks, Windows and Linux Software Development Kits

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