Innovative Integration Introduces VPXI-ePC Embedded System

Innovative Integration VPXI-ePC embedded system

Innovative Integration introduced their VPXI-ePC embedded system. The VPXI-ePC embedded computer features an Intel i7 quad-core COM Express CPU module, precision timing, PCIe switching, communications capabilities, and five I/O expansion slots. The 3U, OpenVPX-compliant embedded computer system is ideal for remote, autonomous signal processing clusters, field RF and IF recording, mobile instrumentation and distributed instrumentation.

The backbone of the system in the VPXI-ePC embedded system are the PCIe and SRIO planes in the VPXI system. Each plane can sustain data rates over 500 MB/s concurrently on PCIe and SRIO planes. In addition, the SRIO data plane has a x4 optical link on the front panel supporting 12 Gbps connection. The VPXI may host one VPX-COMEX CPU card to create a Windows/Linux/VxWorks compatible PC. The VPXI-ePC can run the same applications as desktop system. Performance OS such as Linux Xeonmai and VxWorks are available for real-time applications.

VPXI-ePC Embedded Computer System Features

  • 3U OpenVPX
  • Integrated timing and triggering
  • Advanced multiple plane connectivity
  • Rugged with wide-temperature options
  • Runs Windows, Linux or VxWorks
  • COM Express module with Intel i5/i7 CPU with up to 8 GB memory
  • Gb Ethernet, 4x USB, Displayport video
  • 256GB SSD + up to 3 removable drives
  • Half (1/2) rack, 4U system
  • Six slots total: CPU slot + 4 OpenVPX Peripheral Slots + Storage/IO Slot
  • Compatible with many OpenVPX cards
  • Up to 3 HDD/SSD storage slots
  • Supports Innovative X3/X5/X6 and VPX-COP
  • Integrated timing and triggering features
  • Synchronized, multi-card sampling
  • Internal or external clock/references
  • Generate low phase noise sample clocks from 0.125 to 1 GHz
  • 10MHz, 0.5 ppm stable clock reference
  • Optional GPS-disciplined reference
  • Advanced architecture supports multiple data planes
  • PCI Express and SRIO planes
  • Mesh interconnects all IO cards
  • Front panel x4 optical link for SRIO IO
  • Rear Terminal Modules for I/O and CPU slots
  • Forced air cooling with upper and lower fans
  • Integrated 500W power supply
  • Expands to additional VPXI chassis using cable PCI Express option

More info: Innovative Integration