Congatec Announces conga-TCA Type 6 COM Express Module

Congatec introduced the conga-TCA Type 6 Pin-out COM Express module. The conga-TCA supports the Intel Atom N2600 processor, Intel Atom N2800 processor, and Intel Atom D2700 processor. The board features up to 4GB single-channel DDR3 memory, five PCI Express x1 lanes, two SATA 2.0, eight USB 2.0, two optional USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet interface, fan control, LPC bus, and Intel high definition audio. Conga-TCA is available now. Prices start at less than $200 US in OEM quantities. The new congatec COM Express module is ideal for medical, automation, POS, kiosks and digital signage applications.

Congatec conga-TCA Type 6 Pin-out COM Express module

The conga-TCA includes an integrated Intel GMA 3650 graphics chip. The IC has a clock rate of 640 MHz, which is twice as fast as the GPU of the previous Atom generation. In addition to VGA and LVDS, it has two digital display interfaces, which can be used for DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI. Unlike Type 2 modules, they are no longer multiplexed.

For multi-processing applications, the conga-TCA uses separate processors hyper-threading to enable a logical division of the two physical processor cores into four threads. As a result, safety-critical application can be kept separate running on a real-time operating system on a separate logical core while the graphical user interface runs, for instance, on a Windows operating system.

conga-TCA COM Express Module Features

  • Intel Atom dual-core processor
    • Intel Atom N2600 processor with only 3.5W TDP (1M Cache, 1.6 GHz)
    • Intel Atom N2800 processor (1M Cache, 1.86 GHz) with 6.5W TDP
    • Intel Atom D2700 processor (1M Cache, 2.13 GHz) with 10W TDP
  • 4GB single-channel DDR3 memory (1066 MHz)
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size: 95 x 95 mm
  • Integrated Intel GMA 3650 graphics chip with a clock rate of 640 MHz
  • Supports Directx9, Pixel Shader v3.0 and OGL 3.0
  • Two DisplayPorts 1.1 / TMDS (DVI, HDMI 1.3a)
  • Two HDMI/DVI ports shared with DP
  • Five PCI Express x1 lanes
  • Two Serial ATA with 3 Gb/s
  • Eight USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0
  • Two optional USB 3.0 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet interface
  • Fan control
  • LPC bus for easy integration of legacy I/O interfaces
  • I2C bus (fast mode, 400 kHz, multi-master)
  • Intel high definition audio
  • Matching evaluation carrier board for COM Express Type 6 available
  • ACPI 3.0 power management with battery support

More info: congatec Inc.