Mantracourt T24-PA Wireless Pulse Acquisition Module

Mantracourt introduced their T24-PA wireless pulse acquisition module. The T24-PA is designed for the collection and processing of pulse related measurements. It enables the remote monitoring of processes that have a periodic nature, such as motor, shaft or flow meter rotation. The Mantracourt module transmits on license-free 2.4Ghz, and avoids local radio interference to ensure data integrity and security. The T24-PA wireless pulse measuring device is also available in IP rated enclosures.

Mantracourt T24-PA wireless pulse acquisition module

With the T245PA PCB, data is provided in real time at variable speeds with a direct line of sight range of 100 or 200 meters, which can be extended with the use of high gain antenna’s and repeaters. The module can transmit to a range of receivers — including handheld indicators, digital displays, analogue and serial outputs, PC display and wireless printer.

Mantracourt T24-PA PCB Features

  • Miniature acquisition module for pulse related measurement
  • Exceptionally low power for long battery life
  • Transmits on license free 2.4GHz
  • Remote on and off to preserve battery life
  • 100 / 200m range depending on antenna
  • Simple configuration and calibration via PC using Free Telemetry Toolkit Software
  • Can be calibrated to provide any standard engineering unit output for given input
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Three enclosures are available

More info: Mantracourt