Artila PAC-4000 Embedded Computer

Artila Electronics introduced their PAC-4000 industrial ARM9 embedded computer. The PAC-4000 features the 400MHz AT91SAM9G20 ARM Thumb Processor, two Ethernet ports, up to four RS-232 ports and two isolated RS-485 ports, two USB host ports, microSD socket, 64MB SDRAM, 128MB NAND Flash, and 2MB DATAFlash. It is pre-installed with Linux 2.6.29 OS, busybox utility collection, lighttpd web server, and various hardware device drivers. The PAC-4000 is ideal for direct digital control, building automation, energy-saving system, and remote device management.

Artila Electronics PAC-4000 industrial ARM9 embedded computerThe PAC-4000 ARM9 DIN-Rail Box Computer employs the UBI file system to improve performance and increase durability of NAND Flash compared to JFFS2. In addition, the DataFlash includes a backup Linux file system that will automatically boot up in case of NAND Flash memory crash. The failure-proof and redundant booting design makes PAC-4000 an ideal platform for many mission-critical applications.

Artila PAC-4000 Embedded Automation Computer Features

  • 400MHz AT91SAM9G20 ARM Thumb processor
  • 64MB SDRAM
  • 128MB NAND Flash
  • 2MB DATAFlash
  • Micro SD socket
  • Two 10/100Mbps Ethernet
  • Two USB 2.0 hosts
  • Two RS-232 ports
  • Two isolated RS-485 ports
  • Linux 2.6.29 computing platform with file system
  • Pre-installed with busybox utility collection and lighttpd Web server
  • GNU C/C++ tool chain for Linux and Windows
  • Operates up to 70° C
  • PAC-4000T model can operate from -20° to 80° C

More info: Artila Electronics Co., Ltd.