Microchip PIC24F GA3 Family of eXtreme Low Power Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology introduced the PIC24F GA3 family of eXtreme Low Power (XLP) microcontrollers. The PIC24F GA3 devices feature the industry’s lowest active current for 16-bit Flash MCUs, new low-power sleep modes, 150 microamperes/MHz active current, six DMA channels, and VBAT for battery backup of the on-chip Real-Time Clock Calendar. The Microchip PIC24F GA3 is priced at less than $1.99. The microcontrollers are ideal for consumer (thermostats, door locks, home automation), industrial (security, wired and wireless sensors, industrial controls), medical (portable medical devices, diagnostic equipment), and metering (e-Meters, energy monitoring, gas/water/heat meters, automated meter reading) applications.

Microchip Technology PIC24F GA3 family of eXtreme Low Power (XLP) microcontrollers

The PIC24F GA3 features run currents of 150 microamperes/MHz, numerous low-power modes, and a low-power sleep mode with RAM retention down to 330 nA. It maximizes battery life by reducing the overall amount of power that the application consumes. The application’s Real-Time Clock can continue to run when primary power is removed by using a VBAT pin to supply back-up power with only 400 nA. In addition, the transition from VDD to the VBAT supply pin occurs automatically as VDD is removed.

The integrated LCD display driver provides the ability to directly drive up to 480 segments, with an eight-common-drive capability, enabling more informative and flexible displays that include descriptive icons and scrolling. The MCUs also include a Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) with a constant current source that can be used for mTouch capacitive sensing, ultrasonic flow measurement and many other sensors. The on-chip, 12-bit ADC features threshold detection and works in conjunction with the CTMU to perform proximity sensing while in sleep, to further reduce power consumption.

PIC24FJ128GA310 Features

  • 10 nA Deep Sleep mode
  • 400 nA RTCC in Vbat mode
  • 330 nA Low Voltage Sleep mode (RAM retention)
  • 400 nA Real Time Clock and Calendar operation in Sleep modes
  • 270 nA Watch Dog Timer operation in Deep Sleep modes
  • 150 uA/MHz Run mode
  • Power Modes: Run, Doze, Idle, Sleep, Low Voltage Sleep, Deep Sleep, Vbat
  • Multiple, Switchable Clock Modes for Optimum Performance and Power Management
  • System Supervisors: Low Power BOR, WDT, INT0 and RTCC
  • Up to 16 MIPS performance
  • Single Cycle Instruction Execution
  • 16 x 16 Hardware Multiply, and 32-bit x 16-bit Hardware Divider
  • C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set System
  • 10/12-bit Differential ADC, 24 channels, 200/500 Ksps with Threshold Detect
  • Peripheral Pin Select allows I/O remapping of many peripherals in real time
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) enabling 24 channels of Capacitive Touch
  • Three Analog rail-to-rail comparators Peripherals
  • Hardware RTCC, Real-Time Clock Calendar with Alarms
  • Internal oscillators support – 31 kHz to 8 MHz, up to 32 MHz with 4X PLL
  • Fail-Safe Clock Monitor – allows safe shutdown if clock fails
  • Watchdog Timer with separate RC oscillator
  • System Supervisors: Low Power BOR, WDT, INT0 and RTCC
  • JTAG Boundary Scan

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