Texas Instruments TMS320C66x Multicore Digital Signal Processors

Texas Instruments announced the TMS320C66x multicore digital signal processors. The multicore TI C66x DSP devices are based on the KeyStone multicore architecture. The C66x family include the TMS320C6671 (one core), TMS320C6672 (two cores), TMS320C6674 (four cores) and TMS320C6678 (eight cores) digital signal processors. Each high-speed core (1.5 GHz, 1.25 GHz or 1 GHz) is a true fixed- and floating-point DSP. The TI DSPs are ideal for software defined radios (SDRs), radar, surveillance and imaging cameras.

Texas Instruments TMS320C66x multicore digital signal processors

TI C66x DSP Features

  • One, two, four or eight cores
  • 1.5 GHz per core (available with two-core device), 1.25 GHz per core (10 GHz total per device), or 1.0 GHz per core
  • 320 GMACs/160 GFLOPs for 1.25 GHz; 256 GMACs/128 GFLOPs for 1 GHz
  • KeyStone architecture
  • Multicore Navigator
  • TeraNet: on-chip switch fabric
  • Packet accelerator
  • Crypto engine
  • PCI Express Gen II single and double lanes
  • Serial RapidIO V2.1 x4
  • TSIP x2
  • DDR3-1600 (64b)
  • Chip-to-chip interconnect
  • <10 W at 75°C at 1 GHz
  • Dynamic power monitoring
  • SmartReflex technology
  • Industrial/extended temperature range of -40° to 100°C
  • Ethernet ports SGMII x2
  • Backwards code compatible with TI’s previous generation C6000 fixed- and floating-point DSP cores
  • Ideal for flight control, routing, servers, video processing networks and security applications

More info: Texas Instruments