STMicroelectronics STM32 F4 Microcontrollers Series

STMicroelectronics launches their new STM32 F4 microcontrollers series. The STM32 F4 is based on the latest ARM Cortex-M4 core. There are four variants in the STM32 F4 Series: STM32F405x (USB On-The-Go), STM32F407 (two USB OTG), STM32F415 (STM32F405 with a crypto/hash processor) and STM32F417 (STM32F407 with a crypto/hash processor). All four versions are in volume production. Prices start at $5.74 for the STM32F407VET6 with 512 Kbytes of Flash and 192 Kbytes RAM in the LQFP100 package.

STM32 F4 MCU Series Highlights

  • Latest ARM Cortex-M4 core
  • Pin-to-pin and software compatible with the high-performance F2 series
  • 7-layer multi-AHB bus matrix and multi-DMA controllers for concurrent execution and data transfers
  • Single-cycle DSP instruction support
  • Floating Point Unit
  • 90nm CMOS process technology
  • Integrated ST Adaptive Real Time ART Accelerator
  • Zero-wait-state program execution up to 168 MHz, and best-in-class dynamic power
  • Integrated single-precision FPU boosts the execution of control algorithms, adds more features to applications, improves code efficiency, reduces time-to-market, eliminates scaling and saturation, and allows the use of meta-language tools
  • Up to 1 Mbyte of on-chip Flash memory, 192 Kbytes of SRAM, reset circuit, internal RCs, PLLs, sub 1microAmp real-time clock with sub-second accuracy
  • 4 Kbytes of backup SRAM to save data in standby or battery backup modes
  • Typical RTC consumption of <1uA in Vbat mode
  • Internal voltage regulator with power scaling capability
  • Broad offering of Integrated Development Environments, Meta-language tools, a DSP library, inexpensive starter kits, software libraries and stacks
  • Camera interface, Crypto/Hash HW processor, Ethernet MAC10/100 with IEEE 1588 v2 support, two USB OTG (one with HS support)
  • Dedicated audio PLL and two full duplex I2S
  • Up to 15 communication interfaces (including six USARTs running up to 10.5 Mbits/s, three SPI running up to 42 Mbits/s, three I2C, two CAN, SDIO)
  • Two 12-bit DACs, three 12-bit ADCs reaching 2.4 MSPS or 7.2 MSPS in interleaved mode
  • Up to 17 timers: 16-bit and 32-bit running up to 168 MHz
  • Available in WLCSP (< 4.5 x 4.5 mm), LQFP64, LQFP100, LQFP144, LQFP176 and UFBGA176 packages

STMicroelectronics STM32 F4 Series Variants

  • STM32F405x
    Includes a complete set of advanced peripherals including timers, three ADCs, two DACs, serial interfaces, external memory interface, RTC, CRC calculation unit and analog true Random Number Generator. Also features a USB On-The-Go (OTG) full-speed/high-speed interface. The STM32F405x is available in four packages (WLCSP64, LQFP64, LQFP100, LQFP144) with 1 Mbyte of Flash.
  • STM32F407
    It’s the STM32F405 with additional features: a second USB OTG interface (full-speed only), an integrated Ethernet MAC 10/100, MII and RMII support, IEEE1588 Precise Time Protocol v2 Hardware support and an 8- to 14-bit parallel camera interface allowing the connection of a CMOS camera sensor, supporting up to 67.2 Mbytes/s. Devices are available in four packages (LQFP100, LQFP144, LQFP/BGA176), with from 512 Kbytes to 1 Mbyte of Flash.
  • STM32F415 and STM32F417
    They are like STM32F405 and STM32F407, but includes a crypto/hash processor. This crypto/hash processor includes hardware acceleration for AES 128, 192, 256, Triple DES, HASH (MD5, SHA-1). As an example of the performance achieved by the crypto/hash processor, the AES-256 encryption throughput reaches up to 149.33 Mbytes/s.

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