Texas Instruments Concerto F28M35x Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments introduced their C2000 Concerto dual-core microcontroller series. The TI Concerto 32-bit MCU devices include a C28x core, control peripherals, an ARM Cortex-M3 core, connectivity peripherals, and safety and security features. The Concerto microcontrollers are available now in a 144 QFP package. Prices start at $6.99 (at 1000 units). The Concerto dual-core microcontrollers are ideal for intelligent motor control, renewable energy, smart grid, digital power and electric vehicles.

Texas Instruments C2000 Concerto F28M35x dual-core microcontroller series

TI Concerto F28M35x MCUs Highlights

  • Real-time control subsystem based on TI’s C28x core with floating point and the Viterbi Complex Math Unit
  • 13X performance over existing MCUs
  • Robust host communication subsystem based on Cortex-M3 and connectivity peripherals such as Ethernet, USB On-The-Go, dual CAN, and multiple serial communication ports
  • Performance can be tailored to different applications with options for 150/75 MHz, 100/100 MHz or 60/60 MHz on the C28x and Cortex-M3 cores, respectively
  • Safety and security features, including up to 1 MB of flash and 132 KB RAM with error correction, parity on CAN and interrupt registers, redundancy for functions, and lock protection
  • Free turnkey application and connectivity software libraries, including Ethernet and USB (Digital power, motor control and renewable energy libraries will be available in 3Q11)
  • Speeds design with simple development environment that supports programming each subsystem independently
  • Roadmap for tailored devices to meet specific smart grid applications, such as smart electric meters and concentrators
  • No need to compromise between communication and control
  • Enable safety certifications
  • Lower system cost with integration
  • Scalable performance, selectable math and control enhancements
  • Single IDE built in functionality with dual subsystem debugging and programming
  • Multi OS Support
  • controlSUITE application software libraries and device drivers to reduce development time
  • Simple, quick, and secure communication between subsystems

More info: Texas Instruments