ON Semiconductor Q32M210 Precision Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers

ON Semiconductor announced their Q32M210 family of mixed-signal microcontrollers. The Q32M210 features the ARM Cortex-M3 processor, dual 16-bit ADCs, a highly accurate voltage reference, triple 10-bit DACs and 32-bit core. Samples of the Q32M210 microcontrollers are available now. The MCU is priced at $4.99 per unit (10,000 unit quantities). The Q32M210 is ideal for precision measurement and monitoring applications.

Q32M210 Mixed-signal MCU Features

  • Low-noise, low-leakage configurable sensor interface
    Ultra-low noise op-amps with low-leakage inputs, configurable outputs, and dual programmable gain amplifiers for optimal dynamic range scaling of sensor signals
  • Flexible sensor interconnection scheme
    8:1 input multiplexing as well as four multi-switches and four SPST switches for effective connection to a wide range of sensors
  • Efficient and powerful processing architecture
    ARM Cortex-M3 processor-based mixed-signal data acquisition system, 256 kB on-chip flash for program and user data storage, 48 kB on-chip SRAM for storage of intermediate data during operation, and no external voltage required for flash write operation
  • Ultra-low-power
    Less than 1 mA at 1 MHz core operation with basic sensor interface enabled, typical 3.0 V system supply voltage (2032 coin cell or similar), operation down to 1.8 V
  • Smart power management
    Includes low current sleep mode (real-time clock active) consuming only 750 nA
  • Low-noise A/D conversion
    Dual 16-bit, low power ADCs with on-the-fly data rate configurability
  • Low-power D/A conversion
    Triple 10-bit DACs with configurable dynamic range
  • Integrated Pulse Width Management (PWM)
    On-chip PWM capability combined with on-chip low on-resistance multi-switches eliminates the need for external driver MOSFETs
  • Hardware ECC
    Built-in flash memory error checking and correction ensures greater reliability
  • Flexible clocking architecture
    Supports speeds up to 16 MHz using either an internally or externally generated clock (USB interface operates at 48 MHz using a dedicated external crystal)
  • Full range of configurable data interfaces
    USB (2.0 full-speed compatible), PCM (including I2S mode), dual UARTs, dual SPI, SQI, I2C, GPIOs
  • Flexible LCD interfacing
    LCD (up to 112 segments) and integrated backlight driver via on-chip charge pump
  • Smart power management
    Includes low current sleep mode (real-time clock active) consuming only 750 nA
  • Integrated precision voltage reference
    <50ppm/C across the range 0C to 50C
  • Integrated temperature measurement
    Designed accuracy is 0.8C
  • Predictable operation
    Dedicated brown-out protection circuitry and a watchdog to help maintain predictable operation

More info: ON Semiconductor Q32M210 Mixed-signal Microcontrollers (pdf)