VIA AMOS-5001 Em-ITX Chassis Kit for Fanless Embedded Systems

VIA Technologies introduced the AMOS-5001 Em-ITX chassis kit for fanless embedded systems. The VIA AMOS-5001 chassis kit makes it easy to create x86 embedded systems that can withstand a wide temperature range of -20°c to 55°c and are capable of sustaining a g-force of up to 50. The modular chassis consists of only four mechanical parts. The case is slim enough to fit in even the most space-constrained environment (35.2 mm high x 231 mm wide x 124.8 mm deep). The VIA AMOS-5001 chassis kit is available now.

VIA Technologies AMOS-5001 modular chassis kit for fanless embedded systems

VIA AMOS-5001 Chassis Kit Features

  • Ideal for embedded systems like medical, POI/POS, digital signage, kiosk, industrial and building automation, and gaming and surveillance applications
  • Modularized design with compact dimensions: 231mm(W) x 35.2mm(H) x 124.8mm(D)
  • Fanless operation from -20°C up to 55°C
  • Easy, quick installation and maintenance with only four mechanical parts
  • Shock resistant up to 50G with vibration resistant design to ensure extended reliability
  • Easy to use inter-changeable and customizable front and rear panels
  • Built-in common I/O functional feature cutouts for easy external access
  • Maximum space efficiency for optimized electromagnetic compatibility
  • Optional 2.5″ HDD storage subsystem chassis available
VIA AMOS-5001 Em-ITX chassis kit for fanless embedded systems

More info: VIA Labs