FreeRTOS v7.0 Open Source Embedded Real-time Operating System

Real Time Engineers Ltd. launched version 7.0 of FreeRTOS, which is a free real time MCU operating system. The latest version of the open source embedded RTOS includes a new software timer implementation. The timer enables callbacks to be executed in a task context (instead of interrupt context). It does not consume any processing time or generate any run time overhead unless a timer has actually expired. FreeRTOS v7.0 is backward compatible with FreeRTOS V6.x.x.

FreeRTOS v7.0 Highlights

  • New software timer implementation
  • Enables timer callbacks to be executed in a task context, rather than an interrupt context
  • Timer does not consume any processing time or generate any run time overhead unless a timer has actually expired
  • New common demo application file to exercise the new timer implementation
  • Updated Win32/MSVC simulator project includes the new software timer demo tasks and software timer tick hook test
  • Simpler software timer demonstrations are included in the demo projects for both of the new ports (MSP430X with CCS4 and STM32 with TrueStudio)
  • Enhancements to the kernel implementation in tasks.c (transparent to users and do not effect the pre-existing API)
  • Added calls to configASSERT() within the kernel code
  • configASSERT() is functionally equivalent to the standard C assert() macro, but does not rely on the compiler providing assert.h
  • Updated MSP430X IAR port and demo project (include support for the medium memory model)
  • Added a demo project for the MSP430X that targets the MSP430X Discovery board and uses the Code Composer Studio 4 tools (demo includes use of the new software timer implementation)
  • Added an STM32F100RB demo project that targets the STM32 Discovery Board and uses the TrueStudio Eclipse based IDE from Atollic
  • Removed some compiler warnings from the PSoC demo application
  • Updated PIC32 port layer ensures the configMAX_SYSCALL_INTERRUPT_PRIORITY constant works as expected no matter what its value is (within the valid range set by the microcontroller kernel)
  • Updated PIC24, dsPIC and PIC32 projects work with the latest MPLAB compiler versions from Microchip
  • Supports standards compliance statement that will be published after the software release

More info: FreeRTOS