Texas Instruments DRV8312-C2-KIT Motor Control Evaluation Kit

Texas Instruments announced the DRV8312-C2-KIT motor control evaluation kit for spinning brushless DC (BLDC) and permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) motors. The sensorless field-oriented control (FOC) and trapezoidal commutation platform spins motors out of the box. It speeds the development of sub-50-V and 6.5-A brushless motors for driving medical pumps, gates, lifts, small pumps, industrial and consumer robotics and automation. The kit includes includes CCStudio IDE (no compiler or memory limitations), documentation, software source, and hardware development package (bill of materials, schematics, and gerbers). The TI DRV8312-C2-KIT is available now for $299.

TI DRV8312-C2-KIT Features

  • Out-of-the-box motor control and driver solution
  • DRV8312 three-phase, fractional-horsepower motor driver
  • Motor driver delivers up to 6.5 A, without the need for a costly external heat sink
  • Fully protected with cycle-by-cycle over-current, over-temperature, cross-conduction and under-voltage protection
  • 32-bit C2000 Piccolo microcontroller (MCU) controlCARD module
  • MCU performs control, communications, and debug functions
  • C2000 features integrates analog feedback, digital control peripherals and CPU capability
  • Quick-start graphical user interface
  • Full development source code
  • Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Three-phase BLDC motor
  • Supports sensorless FOC, and sensorless and sensored trapezoidal commutation control
  • Supports sensored FOC with separate shaft encoder

More info: Texas Instruments