WIN Enterprises PL-80270 Touch Panel Computer

WIN Enterprises introduced the PL-80270 touch panel computer. The touch panel PC provides graphics-based visualization of specialized computer processes such as programmable automation controllers (PAC), programmable logic controllers (PLC), and distributed control system (DCS). The fanless open frame PL-80270 features a smart card reader, three RS-232 COM, two photo-couple inputs, two dry contact relay output, and five GPIO. The WIN PL-80270 is available now. Prices start at $112 in quantities above 20 units.

WIN Enterprises PL-80270 touch panel computer

PL-80270 Touch Panel PC Features

  • Apusone MAP100 CPU – ARM 926 + DSP + H/W Video CODEC
  • 4.3″ resistive touch TFT LCD panel with display resolution of 480 x 272
  • Designed as a Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Graphics-based visualization of specialized computer processes
  • Fanless design
  • Built-in ISO-7816 smart card reader
  • Two full RS-232 and one simple RS-232
  • Two photo-couple input
  • Two dry contact relay output
  • Five GPIO
  • Watchdog timer supported
  • 256MB SDRAM
  • 256MB NAND Flash
  • SD Card socket
  • 10/100M Base-T LAN port
  • Optional I/O expansion through SPI interface
  • Windows CE 6.0 OS installed on the Flash ROM
  • Includes a driver, API and sample code (covers Digital I/O, card-reader, RS-232, NVRAM, 2D graphics, multi-media playback, networking)

More information: WIN Enterprises