Microsemi LXMG1645 Quad-lamp CCFL Backlight Inverters

Microsemi rolled out their LXMG1645 quad-lamp CCFL backlight inverters. The LXMG1645 family features StayLIT fault-management, which enables multi-lamp displays to continue operating, even during individual or multi lamp failures. The family includes the LXMG1645-12-xx (supports 12 V inputs) and the LXMG1645-24-xx (supports 24 V inputs). The devices are ideal for LCD panels used in health monitoring, ATMs and other mission-critical applications. The LXMG1645 quad-lamp CCFL backlight inverters are in full production.

Microsemi LXMG1645 quad-lamp CCFL backlight inverters

Microsemi LXMG1645 Devices Features

  • Devices are based on Microsemi’s patented LX6512 IC
  • StayLIT fault-management circuitry ensures continuous operation in case of a partial backlight lamp system failure
  • 12 V version is designed to support mid-sized quad-lamp LCD panels, such as NEC NL10276BC30-17D and NL10276BC30-33D panels
  • 24 V version is designed to support mid-sized quad-lamp LCD panels, such as the NEC NL12876BC26-25 panel
  • Analog or digital pulse-width modulation (PWM) dimming capabilities enhance the user experience while saving power
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection and Automatic Strike-Voltage Regulation features protect the panel in the event of an electrical malfunction
  • Incorporate Microsemi’s backlighting IP and RangeMAX wide-range dimming technology
  • Patent-protected CCFL topology is designed to minimize EMI issues at the system level
  • Manage single- or multi-lamp fault events by disconnecting the faulty lamps
  • Ensure uninterrupted panel service
  • Meet UL 60950 specifications (pending)
  • RoHS compliant

More information: Microsemi