AMD T48L, T30L, and T24L Embedded G-Series Processors

AMD announced three new low-power AMD Embedded G-Series processors: T48L, T30L, and T24L. AMD also announced SMB/SOHO storage Reference Design Kit and a new Systems and Technology track for the AMD Fusion Partner Program. In addition, AMD has released source code for coreboot (an open-source BIOS option that initializes hardware and boot logic for systems based on Microsoft Windows and Linux).

AMD Embedded G-Series T48L, T30L, and T24L CPUs

  • Enable deeply embedded or headless systems (used in environments without a screen, monitor, or input device)
  • Doesn’t require a graphics solution to take advantage of the new Bobcat CPU core
  • Available in 5W and 18W power bands
  • Out-of-order execution
  • High-performance floating point unit
  • Across-the-board 64-bit capability
  • Multi-core options
Model Clock Speed Cores Cache DDR3 Speed Max TDP
T48L 1.4GHz 2 L1: 64KB
L2: 512KB x2
DDR3-10662 18W
T30L 1.4GHz 1 L1: 64KB
L2: 512KB x1
DDR3-13332 18W
T24L 800MHz 1 L1: 64KB
L2: 512KB x1
LVDDR3-10662 5W

SMB/SOHO Storage Reference Design Kit

  • Reduces design and development time of storage and media servers for small and medium businesses and home offices
  • Includes fully-tested schematics and layout source files
  • Enables engineers to focus resources on product differentiation
  • Supports the forthcoming Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2011 and Linux
  • Based on AMD Turion II Neo and AMD Athlon II Neo processors with the AMD SR5650 chipset
  • features ECC memory, RAID, and up to four SATA drives

Systems and Technology Track

  • Offers embedded solutions providers personalized incentives and tools, training and technical enablement resources
  • Aligns with solutions providers individual business objectives
  • Speeds the pace of embedded systems development and sales (especially when selling all-AMD embedded solutions)


  • BIOS option that initializes hardware and boot logic for systems based on Microsoft Windows and Linux
  • Relevant for the many embedded systems based on proprietary or non-traditional operating systems
  • Open source software support thanks to AMD’s release of source code for coreboot

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