Summit SMB109 Programmable Multi-Output DC-DC Power Manager

Summit Microelectronics introduced the SMB109 programmable DC-DC power manager. The Summit SMB109 features multiple DC-DC outputs, digital power management/monitoring, and non-volatile system configuration. The SMB109 is available now in a thermally-enhanced, RoHS-compliant, lead-free 7mm X 7mm, 56-pad QFN. The SMB109 is priced at $3.50 in quantities of 10,000 units. The SMB109 is ideal for powering multi-rail digital chipsets for applications like notebooks, netbooks, tablets, servers, storage, telecom, datacom and multimedia devices.

Summit Microelectronics SMB109 Multi-Output SMBus/I2C Programmable Power Manager with Digital Power Control

Summit SMB109 Features

  • Four main outputs plus four load switch outputs
  • Digital Power Control via SMBus/I2C interface — programmable parameters with non-volatile memory
  • +4.5V to +28V input
  • VDDQ and Tracking VTT Mode for DDR Memory Applications
  • Three Programmable Buck Outputs
    • Static or dynamically programmable output voltage

      • +0.500V to +2.500V, 9.80mV steps
      • +2.500 to +5.000V, 19.60mV steps
    • Integrated FET Drivers for 20A+ or 7.5A+ outputs
    • Programmable output current limit
    • Programmable source/sink mode with Vtt tracking
    • Programmable UV/OV monitoring
    • 300-1200kHz programmable switching frequency
    • Phase interleaving (120°)
    • PWM or PFM operation
    • <1% typical output voltage accuracy
  • LDO controller
    • Up to 5A output with typical external NFET
  • Programmable system power control
    • Cascade output sequencing/tracking for all outputs with up to 15 timing delay positions
    • External NFET load switch sequencing/tracking with built-in +10V charge pump drive
    • Digital soft-start/stop control
    • PGOOD/RESET output with programmable delay
  • Digital input current/voltage sensing and reporting

More information: Summit SMB109 Multi-Output Programmable DC-DC Controller (pdf)