Acrosser ACE-B8700 and ACE-B7300 Gaming Boards, ACE-Mini Chassis

Acrosser Technology introduced the ACE-B7300 gaming board, ACE-B8700 board, and ACE-Mini Mini-ITX chassis. The All-in-One products feature digital I/O, non-volatile SRAM, counter, pulse generator, timer, intrusion logger, security, RNG, ccTalk, and secured real time clock. The Acrosser modules utilize the latest computer technology from Intel, AMD and VIA.

ACE-B7300 Gaming Board Features

Acrosser ACE-B7300 Gaming Board
  • Complies with Italy Comma 6A
  • Utilizes AMD 780E
  • Exceptional 3D graphic acceleration
  • JAMMA interface provides complete digital I/O, ccTalk and intrusion logger requirements in the AWP machine
  • Smart card reader is designed on the board to meet the Italy AAMS license requirement
  • ACE-B7300 gaming controller also embeds pulse generators which unload the complexity of handling meters in a slot machine
  • PCI express x16 slot for extending its graphic performance
  • Video output up to 4 displays

ACE-B8700 Gaming Board Features

Acrosser ACE-B8700 Gaming Board
  • VIA 1.5GHz C7 processor
  • VX800 chipset
  • Full DirectX 9.0, 128-bit 2D graphic engine
  • Meets GLI-11 standard
  • 30-bit interruptible digital input
  • 27-bit high current output
  • 8 liner (72-pin) golden finger interface
  • 1 x 256KB battery backup SRAM with battery low event logger
  • 6W stereo amplifier
  • 4 x 16-bit interruptible timer

ACE-Mini Mini ITX Chassis Features

Acrosser ACE-Mini Mini ITX Chassis
  • ACE-B2019 PCI interface gaming I/O card
  • Supports MINI-ITX motherboards
  • Supports up to 5 reel mechanisms by FPGA
  • Requires very few CPU utility to handle complex step motor control
  • Standard 8-liner (72-pin plus 10-pin) interface
  • 25 digital inputs, 26 digital outputs, 512KB
  • NVRAM, 4 x 16-bit timers
  • Chassis intrusion switch
  • 3 x serial ports, intrusion logger, real time
  • Clock, software protection (optional)

More information: Acrosser Technology