Microchip RE46C190 Smoke Detector IC

Microchip Technology introduced the RE46C190 3V photo smoke-detector IC with horn driver and boost regulator. The RE46C190 features low-voltage operation with programmable calibration and operating modes. With the smoke-detector IC, the desired operating modes can be selected and calibrated during manufacturing. A single Lithium battery can power the chip for up to ten years. Two Alkaline batteries may also be used to power the RE46C190. The RE46C190 smoke-detector IC is available in a 16-pin SOIC 150 mil, package for $0.94 each, in 10,000-unit quantities. The RE46C190 is available now.

Microchip Technology RE46C190 3V photo smoke-detector IC with horn driver and boost regulator

Microchip RE46C190 Features

  • Two AA battery operation
  • Low quiescent current consumption
  • Internal IRED driver with programmable IRED current
  • Programmable photo amplifier
  • Programmable smoke sensitivity levels
  • 9 minute timer for reduced sensitivity operation
  • Chamber test with programmable sensitivity level
  • Internal low battery test with programmable threshold
  • Interconnect up to 40 detectors
  • Local alarm memory
  • Temporal or continuous horn pattern
  • All internal oscillator
  • Internal power on reset
  • Available 16L N SOIC

More information: Microchip Technology