IEI IMBA-Q670, IMB-Q670 and KINO-QM670 Single Board Computers

IEI Technology introduced their IMBA-Q670, IMB-Q670 and KINO-QM670 single board computers (SBC). The IMBA-Q670, IMB-Q670 and KINO-QM670 feature the Intel Q67/QM67 chipset. The IMBA-Q670, IMB-Q670 and KINO-QM670 are available in ATX, Micro ATX and Mini-ITX form factor. The IEI Intel Q67/QM67 series is ideal for gaming, surveillance security monitoring, public infotainment, and high-resolution digital signage.

IEI Intel Q67/QM67 SBC Features

  • Supports Intel Socket G2 (988B) processors (KINO-QM670)
  • Support Intel LGA1155 processors (IMBA-Q670 and IMB-Q670)
  • KINO-QM670: Mini-ITX
  • IMBA-Q670: ATX
  • IMB-Q670: Micro ATX
  • USB 3.0
  • SATA 6 Gb/s
  • Intel 82579 PHY
  • Intel Q67/QM67 chipset
  • Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) 7.0
  • IEI One Key Recovery to recover and backup the operating system by pressing a key
  • IEI iEZman enables a remote user to have full control of keyboard and mouse by providing an out-of-band KVM function
    • Power Management to power the remote system on, off or reset
    • Schedule Power Management to schedule the systems to wake from a sleep state or turn off at a particular time
    • Remote Access to boot remote PCs from a local CD-ROM, floppy drive or ISO image, or boot into the BIOS
    • Group Management to sort remote PCs into groups for easy monitoring and control
    • Patch Management to apply patches to remote PCs
    • Alert and Events to send an alert when system problems occur

More information: IEI Technology