Dialog DA8223 Real-time 2D to 3D Video Conversion Chip

Dialog Semiconductor introduced the DA8223 real time 2D to 3D video conversion chip for portable devices. The device is supports 3D capable displays from 3.8″ smartphones up to 10″ tablet PCs. The DA8223 features a parallax barrier screen driver that lets users view 3D content without the need for glasses. The 5x5mm 81-ball UFBGA chip can be mounted on the PCB, between the application processor and 3D display, or on the display module as a chip-on-flex. DA8223 samples will be available early in 2011.

Dialog Semiconductor DA8223 realtime 2D to 3D video conversion chip for portable devices

The DA8223 analyses each 2D video frame and creates a layered depth map, isolating foreground and background objects. From this, each original image pixel is mapped into left and right eye pixels that, when viewed through a parallax barrier filter on the display module, renders the 3D image directly. The IC supports still images and video at 60fps. It can display 3D content in both portrait and landscape formats in real-time. The device will also work with any display equipped with a parallax barrier filter including OLED and the latest TFT displays from Sharp.

DA8223 3D Conversion Chip Features

  • Real-time 2D to 3D video and still image conversion with no host processor loading, no external memory and no delays
  • Native portrait and landscape display support
  • Three operating modes enabling the display of original 3D content, 2D content and 2D to 3D converted content
  • User adjustable 3D viewing modes including adjustable 3D depth levels on-the-fly
  • Standard I2C and SPI control interface
  • Dual fully programmable parallax barrier drivers supporting portrait and landscape parallax displays
  • Very low power 3D conversion compared to software based solutions
  • Ultra-thin chip package compatible with PCB mount or chip-on-flex mounting on display module

More information: Dialog Semiconductor