Semitech SM2101 FSK/BPSK Power Line Transceiver

Semitech Semiconductor introduced their SM2101 FSK/BPSK based power line transceiver. The SM2101 is ideal for Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Automated Meter Reading (AMR) applications. The SM2101 is based on the SM6401. However, the SM2101 does not include embedded Flash and application microcontroller (MCU) to lower the cost for high volume PLC applications on low or medium voltage power line networks. The SM2101 is now sampling.

Semitech SM2101 Powerline Transceiver Highlights

  • Modem only version of the SM6401 Power Line Communication (PLC) transceiver
  • Meets the cost demands of high volume smart grid products such as residential meter communication
  • Operates reliably in noise prone smart grid environments
  • Contains a complete packet data modem with the network protocol of ANSI/IEC 709.1/2 standards
  • Supports the development of narrow band PLC networks
  • Cost effective solution for high volume PLC applications on low or medium voltage power line network
  • Applications include smart metering and home automation
  • Choice of two communication frequencies on which to transmit and receive data from a list of eight factory preset frequencies to avoid interference on the power line
  • User selectable between BPSK modulation for noise immunity and compatibility to ANSI/EIA 709.1 and ANSI/EIA 709.2 devices and FSK modulation, to allow high immunity to the phase distortion
  • Approximates the amount of noise on a frequency by direct measurement and the signal strength of received packets
  • Supports CENELEC A, B and C band operation

More information: Semitech Semiconductor