eDevice WireX Analog-to-Wireless Converter for M2M

The WireX converter, from eDevice, enables legacy equipment with embedded analog modems to immediately be switched from connecting through the traditional phone line to connecting through a cellular GSM / GPRS wireless network. WireX is the first Analog-To-Wireless converter designed for self installation by the end-user. It does not require any changes on the existing legacy device, the user only needs to disconnect the phone cable from the wall and plug it into the WireX dial-up connector. The data previously transferred over the phone link is then automatically transmitted using phone line emulation over a GPRS or GSM data cellular network. WireX is ideal for remote patient monitors, telecardiology monitors, alarm and security systems, TV set-top-boxes, point-of-sale equipment, energy metering systems, security, and access control devices.

eDevice WireX converter

WireX Converter Features

  • Class10 GSM / GPRS Quad-Band Modem
  • RJ11 POTS / FXS interface
  • Dimensions 120(W) x 103(D) x 36(H) mm
  • Operating Environment: 0 to + 45°C
  • Internal Antenna and SIM card holder
  • Power Supply 12V
  • Internal Li-Ion Battery
  • LEDs indicating GSM Signal Strength
  • Wall mounting casing
  • Standard Network Termination Emulation (POTS)
  • V21, V22, V22bis, V23, V32, V32bis and V34 modem support
  • RFC-compliant TCP client and server
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Dynamic DNS client
  • Remote control over GPRS network and FXS Interface
  • POP3/SMTP client for mail exchange
  • Automatic GPRS attachment
  • ISP: IP frames from the device are directly transferred through GPRS after call setup
  • Transparent: raw data from the device are encapsulated in TCP frames through GPRS after call setup
  • GSM Gateway: analog calls from the device trigger GSM calls
  • ReverseRAS: raw data from the device are sent through GPRS to the eDevice ReverseRAS server

More information: eDevice