PMC-Sierra SynthePHY Programmable System Clock Synthesizer and SERDES

PMC-Sierra introduced their SynthePHY family of integrated dual channel 6Gb/s SERDES and programmable clock synthesizer solutions optimized for wireless infrastructure radio designs. The SynthePHY devices feature 30 clock outputs that can be programmed over a wide frequency band, ranging from 3MHz to 1.6GHz and meet the phase noise performance required by multi-carrier GSM, WCDMA and LTE systems. The devices are rated for industrial temperature operation (-40 to +85 degrees Celsius). The SynthePHY family includes the PM7501 SynthePHY 6G and PM7520 SyntheCLK devices. PMC-Sierra’s SynthePHY family is available now.

PMC-Sierra SynthePHY Block Diagram

PMC-Sierra SynthePHY Features

  • Replaces up to four components by integrating dual 6Gb/s SERDES, jitter cleaner, on-chip voltage controlled oscillator, clock synthesizer and 30 programmable clock drivers
  • Requires only 2200mW to operate all functions at their maximum rates
  • Supports CPRI, OBSAI, and IR remote radio unit (RRU) designs
  • SERDES rates are programmable from 614.4Mbps to 6.144Gbps data rates
  • Can drive cable, backplane or optical modules
  • Includes the accurate delay calibration circuitry needed for measuring delays to satisfy CPRI and OBSAI synchronization requirements
  • 18 differential low voltage 50ohm drivers with programmable output levels and phase control
  • Supports clock rates up to 1.6GHz
  • 12 single-ended LVCMOS drivers with programmable divider and phase control
  • Supports clock rates up to 307.2MHz
  • Jitter of less than 200fs and phase noise floor below -160dBc/Hz on 1GHz differential output clocks

More information: PMC-Sierra