Renesas RL78 Microcontrollers for Embedded Systems

Renesas Electronics introduced the RL78 microcontroller (MCU) family. The RL78 microcontrollers integrate features from both the R8C and the 78K (78K0, 78K0R) families. The Renesas MCUs are ideal for battery-operated devices and household applications. Samples of the RL78 will be available in Q1. Mass production is scheduled for July 2011. The RL78/G12 Group MCUs with 2 KB of flash memory and 256 bytes (B) of RAM in a 20-pin shrink small-outline package (SSOP) will be priced at $0.45 per unit in 10,000-piece lots, and the RL78/G13 Group MCUs with 64 KB of flash memory and 4 KB of RAM in a 64-pin, low-profile quad flat package (LQFP) will be priced at $1.00 per unit in 10,000-piece lots.

Renesas Electronics RL78 microcontroller (MCU) family

Renesas Electronics RL78 MCU Highlights

  • Built around the RL78 CPU core, which is based on the low-power, high-performance 78K0R CPU core
  • Includes peripheral functions from the R8C and 78K families
  • Operating current of only 70 microamperes (µA)/megahertz (MHz) and standby current of 0.7 µA
  • Real-time clock (RTC)
  • Low-voltage detection (LVD) functions
  • Based on a 130-nanometer (nm) process node
  • 41 Dhrystone million instructions per second (DMIPS) when operating at 32 MHz
  • 32MHz +/-1 percent on-chip oscillator
  • Data flash with background operation supporting up to one million rewrite cycles
  • 1.6 to 5.5 volts (V) operation
  • Consists of both general-purpose (G series) and application-specific standard MCUs
  • Supports low-power Snooze Mode, which supports A/D conversion and serial communication while the CPU is in standby mode
  • Flash memory cyclic redundancy check (CRC) function
  • RAM parity error checking
  • Clock fail and frequency detection circuit
  • A/D test function
  • Illegal memory access detection
  • Ideal for a number of applications including battery-operated devices and household applications

More information: Renesas Electronics RL78/G12 and RL78/G13 MCUs