PrimeSensor Reference Design for Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor

Microsoft’s new Xbox 360 Kinect sensor is based on the PrimeSensor Reference Design, which is an end-to-end solution that enables a device to perceive the world in three dimensions and to translate these perceptions into a synchronized image, in the same way that humans do. The solution features a sensor component for observing the scene (users and their surroundings), and a perception component, or brain, that comprehends the user interaction within the surroundings. As we all know by now, the technology does not require a body suit with sensors for the system to track user movements.

PrimeSensor Solution Components

  • PrimeSensor Reference Design - Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect sensorPS1080 SoC
    Depth image, color image and audio acquisition engine
  • PrimeSensor Reference Design
    A consumer-market low-cost three-dimensional depth acquisition device
  • PrimeSensor NITE / Perception Middleware
    A set of small-footprint embedded software libraries providing depth, color and audio processing and analysis capabilities, extracting and tracking users, gestures, features – resulting in a clear and deterministic application level API
  • Platform
    A consumer market device hardware
  • Application
    A unique application that take advantage of the low computational cost depth acquisition and processing capabilities in order to bring novel user experience previously unseen

PrimeSensor Highlights

  • Thin host natural interface
  • Mass consumer market product price point
  • Mass production proven solution
  • Simple and clean application layer APIs
  • Support a unique end-to-end solution – no need for the application layer to have depth processing capabilities
  • A large VGA-sized depth image
  • Multiple sensing capabilities: depth image, color (RGB) image and audio stream
  • Standard off-the-shelf components
  • A unique Registration mechanism matches every depth image pixel to its true color image pixelA low-power embedded device – USB powered
  • IEC 60825-1 Class 1 laser product

More information: PrimeSense