Freescale Qorivva Microcontroller Families

Freescale Semiconductor introduced the Qorivva microcontroller (MCU) families for automotive applications. The new 55nm Qorivva MCU product families range from simple, low-cost, single-core controllers up to the latest triple- and quad-core variants. The 32-bit Freescale microcontrollers are based on Power Architecture technology. The MCU devices are built using a unique 55 nanometer (nm) non-volatile memory (NVM) process for improved power efficiency and cost effectiveness. The Qorivva MCU families will be available in early 2012.

Freescale Semiconductor Qorivva MCU Family

  • Full run-time software solution, including AUTOSAR MCAL driver suites and AUTOSAR real-time operating system for single-core and multicore MCUs
  • Configurable peripheral sets such as flexible timers and motor control systems
  • Digital signal processing capabilities provide additional functionality
  • Increased processing speeds that allow more complex control algorithms and features
  • Increased on-chip memory content (flash and RAM) to significantly reduce the need for off-chip memory
  • Intelligent peripheral sets to drive complex control systems, such as transmission solenoids, complex injectors and electric motors, with minimal overhead from the microprocessor core
  • Improved, embedded sensor interfaces to allow simple connection to next-generation automotive sensors
  • High-speed analog-to-digital converters designed to meet the differing needs of the latest interfaces
  • Low power consumption for always on systems
  • Advanced vehicle networking with full connectivity offerings (LIN, CAN, MOST, FlexRay and Ethernet)
  • Encryption for advanced vehicle network security
  • Multicore advanced safety architecture with fault monitoring and event recording
  • Correction systems for maximum protection
  • Advanced motor control peripherals for hybrid vehicles
  • High-precision analog interfaces and digital communications links to analog sensors

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