Real-Time XMOS Motor Control Platform

XMOS launched their motor control platform for highly efficient motor control designs. The XMOS motor control hardware platform provides dual-axis 3-phase motor control using an XS1-L1, and a communications and logging subsystem using an XS1-L2. It includes a framework of control, processing and interfacing functions. The motor control platform will be available in December. The XMOS motor control platform consists of:

  • XCore hard real-time, multi-threaded processors
  • XMOS motor control hardware board, with support for dual axis motor control and communication
  • A suite of control, processing and interfacing functions, to help designers quickly develop advanced motor drives entirely in high level software programming languages

XMOS Motor Control Platform

XMOS Motor Control Platform Features

  • XS1-L1 processor providing 500 MIPS for control loops
  • XS1-L2 processor providing 1000 MIPS for communications
  • Inverter consisting of six complimentary FET outputs with 24V 5 AMP drive per channel
  • High performance, discrete, six channel sample and hold 12bit A-D converter
  • Dual encoder inputs
  • 32MBytes SDRAM for data logging and velocity profile storage
  • Fast Ethernet port
  • CAN Physical layer device
  • Monochrome graphics LCD 128 x 32 display
  • Power supply, 7.7 Watt Faulhaber BLDC 24v motor, cables and documentation
  • Example control loop
  • Higher layer control, communications and data logging subsystems
  • 3-phase complementary symmetrical PWM, 20KHz 12b resolution with space vector modulation and dead time insertion
  • SPI interface with precise sample/hold timing generation with 10ns accuracy
  • Up to 1MHz quadrature decode or hall effect position sensor input
  • SDRAM controller, 25MBytes/s
  • Fast Ethernet port Ethernet MAC, TCP/IP stack
  • CAN controller up to 1Mbps
  • IIC interface and simple graphics/text library
  • Complete kit that works out of the box for rapid prototyping

More information: XMOS