Freescale MC9S12G Automotive Microcontrollers

Freescale Semiconductor recently launched their S12G microcontroller (MCU) family. The S12G microcontrollers are ideal for automotive body electronics applications requiring controller area network (CAN) or local interconnect network (LIN)/SAE J2602 communication, including body controllers, door modules, occupant detection, HVAC, seating controllers and lighting modules. The Freescale 16-bit S12G MCU family features onboard EEPROM and uses a mature and cost-effective 0.18 micron process.

Freescale MC9S12G Microcontrollers

  • S12 CPU core with 25MHz bus offers industry-proven S12 architecture and the processing power to tackle more complex versions of traditional 8-bit application designs
  • Up to 240 KB on-chip flash with error correcting code (ECC) to store code and help save on-board flash/ROM
  • Up to 4 KB EEPROM with ECC provides an easier user interface than data flash used on prior generations
  • Multi-scalable controller area network module (supporting CAN protocol 2.0A/B) designed to support complex system needs of a CAN communication port
  • Up to three serial communication interface modules supporting LIN communications and up to three serial peripheral interface (SPI) modules help to give more flexibility, options and advantages when more SCI/LIN or SPI communication ports are needed
  • Runs 16-bit wide accesses without wait states for peripherals and memories
  • Flash ranges are available from 16 to 240K, with package options from 20TSSOP to 100LQFP, providing embedded design flexibility and maximum functionality
  • Additional I/O ports are available with interrupt capability allowing wake-up from stop or wait modes
  • Onboard EEPROM enables engineers to design more complex and user-friendly applications
  • Included in Freescale’s product longevity program with assured supply for a minimum of 15 years

More information: Freescale Semiconductor