Signatec PX1500-2 A/D Board

Signatec introduced the PX1500-2, which is a PCIe-based wideband A/D board. The PX1500-2 captures two synchronized analog channels at sampling rates up to 1.5 GHz, or one channel up to 3 GHz when interleaving the ADC data. The Signatec PX1500-2 features 1 GB on-board memory (configured as a large FIFO) and a PCIe x8 bus. It can continuously sustain long recordings at up to 1.4 GB/s through the PCIe x8 bus (both mechanical and electrical) to PC disk storage without any break in the analog record. Signatec’s PX1500-2 is currently shipping with a 10 week delivery forecast.

Signatec PX1500-2 PCIe-based wideband A/D board

Signatec PX1500-2 Digitizer Features

  • Can be set up to use either a transformer-coupled front end or an amplifier connection
  • Transformer connection can only be set for AC-coupled operation
  • Transformer has a frequency capture range of 5 MHz to 2 GHz
  • Amplifier can be set for either AC-coupled or DC-coupled operation
  • Amplifier frequency range of up to 1 GHz
  • Ideal for radar, mass spectroscopy, medical imaging and non-destructive testing systems
  • High-speed, multi-channel performance capabilities
  • Sampling rate to be set to virtually any value from 200 MHz — the minimum allowable ADC clock — up to 1500 MHz
  • Divide-by-2 circuits are provided for sampling at even lower frequencies
  • Onboard 10 MHz, 5 PPM reference clock and an externally provided 10 MHz reference clock
  • ADC may also be clocked from an external clock source
  • Up to three PX1500-2 boards may be interconnected in a Master/Slave configuration via a ribbon cable
  • Up to 18 boards can be set up for fully synchronized operation
  • 18 boards can function synchronously even when placed into different PC chassis

More information: Signatec